– some great vintage bell engraving – some US [Chicago, Elkhart, LA, NY, Philadelphia ] and some European [Koln, Kraslice, Leipzig, Paris] and some UK

Wilhelm Monke Cologne

Martin, Elkhart Indiana

J.C.Penzels Leipzig

Martin – the 38 in the paws of the lion indicates the model [not a Committee]

Conn, Elkhart – Pan Piper engraving on a Vocabell rimless bell trumpet

Martin – symbolized floral engravings with other stylised treatments were common across brands in Elkhart / Chicago over many decades

Conn trumpet – naked lady engravings indicated top class instruments

Lyon & Healy


Pan Piper engraving on Conn rimless bell

Lewis, Chicago, MasterKraft

Missenharter New York


Holton – two little birds engraving

York, Grand Rapids

Martin Troubadour

William Frank, Chicago

Harry B. Jay, Chicago

Wilhelm Monke, Koln

American Selmer, Elkhart Indiana

Taylor & Horn, Chicago

Pollter , Leipzig

Pepper – Philadelphia – Chicago


Martin – Elkhart – the paws of the lion hold an “M” – designating a Committee bell



Keefer – Williamsport

Keefer – Williamsport

Higham London

Selmer Paris

F.X. Huller – Kraslice – WORLD – succeeded by Ernst Modl [EMO]

Eschenbach – Dresden

Williams – Los Angeles

De Lacy – London


Cerveny – Czech – Champion

Boosey – London

Bohland & Fuchs – Czech

Holton – Chicago

Conn – Eagle engraving

Champion – Chicago

Wurlitzer – Chicago and Cincinatti

Kaempf – New York

Distin – Williamsport PA


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