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Exceptional Holton Revelation trombone

Fantastic engraving on gold

Intricate floral bell engraving – with a butterfly on each side
Showing part of the engraving against the open case
Holton badge on the case
Shows the deep Holton 40 mouthpiece, the counterbalance mounted on the tuning slide, and the handslide with patent marking and the Revelation stamp
The engraving extends right along the bell – surrounding the Revelation name and manufacturing details – and the outside face of the bell is engraved as well
Despite the obvious wear in some places the overall effect is stunning
Butterfly detail

The horn is marked L.P. = low pitch and has a “3” which ordinarily means large bore: however some Holton catalogs referred to bore of “4”.

Has the original Holton 40 deep mouthpiece. With this mouthpiece [the only one I have tried it with] slotting is excellent, and high notes are attainable.

Photographs show that this has seen plenty of use and shows typical finish wear, with some dinging/denting in some areas of the bell section, but  the horn is solid  and straight. The not particularly well done solder repair on the bell stay near the slide is obvious, [photo below] as is the tape on the slide handle. The unevenness on the bell could be worked through by a competent brass tech

The slide moves extremely freely without dragging and does not appear to have high points or dings. is pretty good, but – with this much potential as a great horn – could do with attention from a brass tech.

The period case – complete with Holton badge and one out of three working latch and hinges  – shows a lot of wear and is in only fair condition. Handle is disintegrating.

Friction fit slide/bell attaches well and feels solid

I have seen many Holton Revelation trombones, but not one with the rare finish of this one which – from the serial number – was manufactured in about 1926. The probability is that this was a custom engraving for a professional trombone player.

Frank Holton was firstly an artist on trombone, and the first Holton promoter. Holton sales literature from the 1920s noted that Holton always kept a trombone at his desk to play for guests and promote his products.

[from the Holton catalog at ]
The most usual mid 1920s Holton Revelation silver finish

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